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MOCKUP Phone 12 Pro Max

MOCKUP Phone 12 Pro Max


  • Silicone diode rectifying air-cooled, converting AC power to DC power for railway traction. The 6-phase 12-pulse rectifier was modularized so that it could be provided in an orderly manner in the enclosure.
  • Eight pairs of heat sinks and eight thyristors were configured to be connected to each three-phase bus bar as a group. The structure was simplified to prevent enlargement of the volume.
  • KS C IEC 60146-1-1 2002 반도체 컨버터-일반요구사항 및 선전류 컨버터-제1-1부
  • KS T 1002 수송 포장 계열 치수
  • KS C IEC 61850 변전소 통신 네트워크 및 시스템


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